Stunning swamp Kauri dining table. Clear resin fills reflect the beautiful water and beaches of Ahipara in the far north of New Zealand’s west coast.

This table has absolutely stunning grain patterns.
Blackened steel base (other base styles available upon request)

2.3mL x 1.1mW x 750mmH (Table height is adjustable)

$10,500 nzd

#1060 LARGE KAURI DINING TABLE/ conference table with clear resin voids

Blackened steel base
3.75m L x 1.35m W x .75m H (table is height adjustable)


Named after the district in the far north of New Zealand this particular slab of Kauri has come from.

Also, Kaipara is the largest natural harbour in the southern hemisphere… which is quite fitting given the enormous girth of this slab.

Exsquisite very large single slab of Kauri. Beautiful grain features. Precission cut with CNC to a perfect oval with a reverse angle profile which lends to it’s modern appeal. This slab is an amazing 1.575m wide and is 3.4m long. Sitting on two exceptionaly high quality hand crafted geometric (45,000 year old Kauri) “Peace sign” bases. (Other base designs available upon request)

$17500 nzd

#1062 1.5 Square resin void dining table

Clear resin voids with ancient Kauri custom base

Stunning grain

NZD $9000



1.6 metres (Diameter)

This is a single slab 45,000 year old Swamp Kauri table. CnC reverse angle profile.

Anodised aluminium pedestal base. High quality durable scratch and alcohol resistant satin finish both sides. Ships to anywhere on the planet.

NZ$ 9,000 Plus freight.


Stunning 28,000 year old large swamp Kauri dining or conference table. This table boasts true natural edge on both sides. Tones of deep bronze with golden waves that sparkle in the grain pattern.

Named after it’s birth place, a quaint beach town on the east coast in far north New Zealand.

Anodised aluminium base (other base styles available upon request)

3.35m L x 1.25m W x 750mm H   (Table height is adjustable)
$12,800 nzd


Named after the first capitol of New Zealand (also the name of the ferry between Russell peninsula and Opua.

This stunning desk is bush Kauri… Never been buried and is extremely rare. This slab has been carefully stored sinse 1992. The timber was processed just recently creating an amazing array of grain patterns and touting natural edge on both sides.

Currently sitting on blackened steel legs (other leg option available on request)


2200mmL X ~900mmW


2.4 metres (Length)  7.9 feet

1.0 metre (Width)  39 inches

725 – 800mm (Height)  28.5 – 31.5 inches

Single Slab swamp Kauri

Powder coated black alloy legs (other leg selection available)

Table is height adjustable with reversible top.  High quality durable scratch and alcohol resistant satin finish on both sides.  Ships to anywhere on the planet.