Large kauri dining table


with clear resin

3.9m L x 1.45m W X 100mm thick

Anodised I-beam aluminium base.

Table top is height adjustable



28000 year  old



Solid swamp Kauri table


3.6m L X 1.2 W X 130mm thick


Anodize aluninium custom bent plate

with satinless steele rod and fasteners

Kauri Desk

2.1mL X .8mW

Height adjustable, alloy legs.

Norfolk pine coffee table

2.1m L X .7m W X .4m H

Round Kauri coffee table

1m round X .4m H

Puriri coffee table

1m X 1m X .4m H

Puriri base

Kauri coffee table

1.5m L X .75m W X .35m H

Small Kauri cocktail table

.5m L X .30m W X .40m H

Inlaid solid African wenge base

Kauri harp bench

.4m L X .250m W X .350m H

Anodised alloy base

Medium round single slab swamp Kauri

with a touch of natural edge

1000mm round

Carbon fibre fin legs

2 small swamp Kauri end tables

(book ends)

750mm x 750mm

Carbon fibre legs

Single slab large swamp Kauri head log

with natural edge

3.1mL x 1.3mW

Steel patina legs with Kauri stretcher

Single slab swamp Kauri

home theatre AV shelf

1600mm L x 350mmW

Carbon fibre legs


Large single slab Puriri dining table

with natural edge

3.1mL x 1.3mW

Puriri legs with carbon fibre hardware

Single Slab swamp Kauri Head log wall sculpture

4.2mL x 1.2mW

custom steel brackets

Very large 25,000 year old  single slab Kauri table

3.4mL x 1.7mW x 170mm thick.

C and C computer cut oval shape with 45 degree sides

Custom steel base

Kauri Table Long

5m L X 1.2m W X 135mm


Single slab swamp Kauri dining table

2.6mL x 1.1mW

Black anodised alloy legs with Kauri stretcher


Kauri Coffee Table

Carbon fibre legs

Single slab Puriri

with natural edge dining table

2.1mL x 900mmW

Puriri legs with carbon fibre hardware

Kauri sculpture

Decorative piece 

45,000 year old turned Kauri circle with New Zealand west coast jade centre. 

Pivots freely on African Wenge base. 

800mm tall x 700mm wide


45,000 year old Kauri dining table

3.0m x 1.2m x .100

Custom fabricated anodised aluminium and Kauri support (height adjustable)

Kauri and resin table

2.8mL X 1.3mW X .10m thick

Medium kauri dining table

2.2m L x .9m W X .7 H

All natural edge with anodised alloy base.

Table height adjustable