Karin started out working primarily fitting and finishing yachts. She worked with carbon fibre, stainless and aluminum.

She found ancient Kauri to be special and was inspired by its beauty.

The idea of using ancient swamp Kauri partnered with modern materials was to create unique furniture that is appreciated and enjoyed in today’s contemporary environment.

What makes Kauri Vault products unique and dynamic?

  • Swamp Kauri is historically significant, its age has been carbon dated to be up to 45,000 years old.
  • Environmental. Preserved in peat bogs for thousands of years, no trees have been cut down.
  • Size matters. These ancient giants allow for tables to be constructed from the largest single slabs available on the planet (versus laminated slab tables)
  • The finish of the tables is a labour intensive proprietary resin applied to both sides of the slab and then finished with a durable polyurethane top coat. This not only allows for the table to be reversible  (both sides can be used) but also seals and preserves the ancient timber to prevent further cracking or movement that is inherent in all timber.
  • Contemporary leg designs using the highest quality modern materials for todays urban settings. A melding of old and new. The legs are designed for functionality as well as aesthetics. The designs allow for reversibility of the table top and allowing for little or no impact on your guest’s knees.